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Maktos Kanji Desktop Wallpaper BMP Collection

30 FREE Kanji wallpaper bitmaps for your desktop! Now you can finally learn the harder Kanji which take a lot of time to learn.

You will notice that these Kanji wallpaper .BMP are not the most basic ones. It was decided not to give out the SAME simple Kanji which you probably already know. (Yama, Taberu, Tsuki, Nen, Ichi, Ni, San, etc.) for those would be useless to you. On the contrary, the Kanji in this set are mostly JLPT 2-level Kanji, with some JLPT-3 mixed in. You will be able to read Anime, Manga and Japanese video games at last!

In fact, the extremely basic ones (e.g. JLPT 4 level) will be left out of this set entirely. There are so many places to learn the Kanji for "Day", "Moon", etc. but VERY few books or flashcards to deal with the intermediate/advanced Kanji! All you can get is a book with all 2000 Kanji - each Kanji gets 2 X 4 inches of paper. All you get is a few compounds using each one, and you're on to the next one. Where are the flashcards? The 1/2 page for each Kanji? The advanced Kanji, so extremely complex, are the HARDEST to learn. They need more attention than "Tsuki/Getsu", not less! Why is it that so many students of Japanese hit a ceiling when they have learned around 700 Kanji? Lack of good study materials? The Maktos Kanji Collection was created to fill this void! If a Kanji has many meanings that are exact synonyms, they are removed for the sake of clarity and simplicity. If the wallpaper is too "busy", you won't really look at it on a casual basis (which is the whole point of this). You could always sit in front of your computer and "study", but that isn't really the idea here. The aim of this wallpaper is to look at one Kanji in great detail as you do your normal work - and so you might see it 20 or 30 times in one day. Since the wallpaper is simple and doesn't have an overwhelming aspect to it, psychologically it is easier to look at it many times - and therefore end up learning the Kanji. You can learn examples with the Kanji, how to draw it, etc. later on, with other books and software.

Click on a link below to download v1.0 of the Kanji Collection:

Maktos Kanji Collection v1.0 (Source 1) - (240 KB, Windows Installer)
Maktos Kanji Collection v1.0 (Source 2) - (240 KB, Windows Installer)
Maktos Kanji Collection v1.0 (Source 1) - (233 KB, Zipped)
Maktos Kanji Collection v1.0 (Source 2) - (233 KB, Zipped)